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Jeff Crayon, CEO & Designer of The Rich Wierdo Brand NYC shares thoughts on hygiene, his passion for designing and brand expansion into the west coast. What inspired you to choose fashion as a career?  What inspired me to choose fashion is the passion… I must look nice every time I go out. The reception from others propels me to make others feel… how I do say …I receive a compliment. Where or what do you draw inspiration from when your designing?  I started the brand from my three loves… Music, Art and Wildlife. I draw from those three areas Read More

Exclusive with Matthew Knowles Group BLUSH

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Beauty Expert and Author Courtney Rashon caught up with Mathew Knowles’ R&B Super Girl Group Blush to find out What’s in their Beauty Bag! What products are currently in your make up bags? We currently all carry MAC foundation and concealers, a few NYX lipsticks and primers, and also Lorac eye shadow pallets. We all love matte lipsticks and glosses!  Our favorite brands for these are MAC, Anastasia and NYX cosmetics. What is the one beauty product you can’t live without? We can’t live without a good pair of eyelashes! Right now, we’re loving our #prettygirlgangcosmetics mink lashes and of Read More


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Lip color and applications have taken on a new twist for the moment. What’s hot and trending is a variety of colors used in many different ways. The use of vibrant colors, lip liners and technique are original, gorgeous and bold. Ombre lips. Ombre lips are a beautiful harmonious blend of similar lipstick colors to resemble the trendy Ombre technique.  Two or three colors are blended together to fade evenly into one another. For more creativity, use a different color in the center of your lips. Lip Liners.  Lip liners are making a huge comeback for exaggerated definition and lining Read More


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Siberian Mink lash extension are a luxurious way to glam up eyes for sultry and dramatic effect. Lashes are made with 100% real fur and are much lighter and softer than faux, human or silk lashes. Siberian Mink lashes are taking high-end glamour to the next level of eyelash extensions. This is the ultimate in eyelash luxury coveted by women across the globe. Each lash is handmade and is applied individually to the lash line. The Siberian mink fur hairs are delicate and can create a beautiful natural lash extension. These lashes are animal friendly, therefore animals were not harmed in the Read More


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Smokey eye shadow can enhance any look, day or night.  Also, remember a smoky eye is not limited to black or ultra dark shadow colors either.  A smoky eye can be done with any color shadows. Here is a brief explanation of how to get that sexy sultry smoky eye. First prep the lid with primer so the makeup will hold. By doing this it keeps eye shadow from melting into your eyelid creases. Apply eyeliner above the upper lash line, drawing the line thicker in the middle of the eye to the outer corner. Blend in the color on Read More


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  Summer is quickly ending and Fall is upon us.  Healthy glowing skin will never go out of style with the seasons.  Here are a few tips on transitioning your summer looks to the fall this season Instead of glossy or stained lips and use a deep berry lip color. Trade in nude and bronze eye shadows for decadent shades of plums and wine for the eyes. Summer nails were filled with bright crayon box colors. For fall nude nail color is best for a subtle sophisticated look, and burgundy nails are a great color for dramatizing the nails. Replace Read More


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There are plenty of beauty regimes that we can follow to keep ourselves looking great.  Beauty starts from the inside out.  Healthy, glowing skin requires taking great care of your body from within and this will ultimately radiate on the outside.  For simple, inexpensive surefire ways to keep yourself beautiful I recommend the following to achieve a gorgeous you all year round! Drink lemon water! Lemon is one of the best alkalizing foods. Lemon water will keep you hydrated and brighten your skin within a week.  Slice a lemon and squeeze it in your favorite H20 everyday. Dry brush exfoliation! Read More


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  New York Fashion Week is upon us and this season trend is all about pops of color, inky black eyes and bare faces. The direction that the make up artists are taking for Fashion Week seem to vary according to the designer. At Tommy Hilfiger inky black eyes was the focus of the  makeup on the runway. Makeup artists created tight lining all the way around the eyes with liquid eyeliner for a maximum dramatic effect. At Prada, Marchesa and Celine, fine winged eyeliner was applied at the upper lid creating a dramatic cat eye look. Herve Leger’s models strutted down Read More


December 7, 2014 Courtney Rashon 6

Fish Spa pedicures or the fish doctor is the latest new trend in pedicure treatments. The fad has hit the U.S and is now popular in many salons across the country. Recently, I visited Watertown in Shanghai, China and I got to see what it was actually like up close and personal. Although I did not participate in the trendy ritual, it looked interesting and I asked plenty of questions about the procedure. The fish spa pedicure treatment originated in Turkey. It quickly spread to China where it became available at most salons. Currently there are a few salons across Read More


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Anyone can have long, lavish locks by adding hair extensions. Different colors, textures and lengths can be achieved due to the variety of extensions that are out on the market today. There are also many techniques that are used to achieve this look. Glued extensions, sewn-in extensions, and bonded extensions are just a few ways hair can be added to your own natural hair to create the desired style. The cost of this procedure can vary depending on the type of hair used and the applicaton process. As to date, the most expensive extensions retail at ten thousand dollars. Gemini14 salon Read More

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