Jeff Crayon, CEO & Designer of The Rich Wierdo Brand NYC shares thoughts on hygiene, his passion for designing and brand expansion into the west coast.

What inspired you to choose fashion as a career? 

What inspired me to choose fashion is the passion… I must look nice every time I go out. The reception from others propels me to make others feel… how I do say …I receive a compliment.

Where or what do you draw inspiration from when your designing? 

I started the brand from my three loves… Music, Art and Wildlife. I draw from those three areas in a timeless way that can be appreciate forever.

Where was your first placement and what are you currently working on? 

My first major placement was on the group Day 26 (Bad Boy Records) in 2010.  We are currently working on the 2018 spring season and expanding our territory further to the west coast.

What is your skin care and grooming routine?

I have a daily face scrub and a hot towel.

Do you manscape?  (Manscape=Shave Everywhere)

Not everywhere lol.

Do you feel that men should keep themselves groomed just like a woman? 

Male grooming, I believe is necessary it’s self-love. Keeping yourself groomed is what women want.  If it wasn’t for women, men wouldn’t do a lot of things lol.

What grooming habit is a must for men? And women? 

Men should get a haircut twice a month, brush your tongue and wash… well… lol… get your ears, a lot of cats ignore cleaning their ears… lol …Women’s should do the same. Stay clean baby! 

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