True or False: Chris Brown and Rihanna are engaged

So.. this recent magazine cover surfaced this weekend. Chris Brown and Rihanna are engaged reads the Australian magazine cover photo hitting newsstands this week. It shows a recent image of Rihanna and Chris Brown with the caption reading, “They’re engaged”.

The pic is real but Brown and Rihanna are not engaged. Chris Brown and Rihanna’s fake engagement is not the only false tale on the magazine’s cover this week. In the upper left hand corner of Famous’s cover is another article which states that Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush already are married.

Truth be told Rihanna and Chris Brown aren’t engaged. And Reggie and Kim aren’t even dating.


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  1. I always found Rihanna to be an unlbeilvabey beautiful girl, lately however my views and opinions have changed. Rihanna you are extremely talented but you come off as (for lack of a better word) cheap. It is really unbecoming, and my respect level for you has dwindled with every pic.

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