Kris Baptiste


Wassup people, once again…welcome back to We are very excited to have with us another one of our featured artists, “Mr. Kris Baptiste”. Kris: Thanks for having me. LEGGO!

Shive: So Kris, tell me. Is Kris Baptiste your real name or a stage name?

Kris: Lol No. My real name is Kristofer Baptiste, but i prefer to be called Kris. I only hear Kristofer when my people are pissed. And by the way, @krisbaptiste.

Shive: How did you get into singing and at what point you knew you wanted to make it out of a career?

Kris: Well, I started off rapping in junior high battling niggas at lunch, just punishing them lyrically. But, the singing came about from singing in front of a group of ladies who happened to dig the voice… and yea, I kind of let it go to my head. From that point on I considered myself the panty man….  jtfo. Oh, and by the way, @krisbaptiste

Shive: What seperates you from other rising R&B singers?

Kris: I must say Eminem and Jigga played the main part in my rapping career, but as far as the singing goes…Usher hands down. Oh, and by the way, @krisbaptiste.

Shive: How long have you been working towards your career? What big named artists have you performed for? 

Kris: I’ve been working hard at this for about 6 plus years, and I still have the same drive from the day I started. A few people I’ve performed for through in my career so far…..Wait!!!!! Hope yall have a lil time to spare, but let’s see…….Monica, Nicki Minaj, J. Cole, Freeway, Dorrough, Mystical, Cali Swag District, Beanie Sigel, Cassidy, the big homie Cupid fromLouisiana, and @krisbaptiste

Shive: New Orleans is home town and I know you’ve performed in many different places around the city, what other cities have you performed in?

Kris: Sad to say but just two cities so far, and sh**T i don’t even remember where LOL. We definitely working on a HBCU tour so yall stay tuned. And don’t forget @krisbaptiste

Shive: You are currently promoting your new single, “Leggo” and the radio stations have been blowing it up. Should we be expecting a video? If so, I know Shive Magazine will be one of the first ones to get it…

Kris: We’re preparing to film now, so I cant give you a definite date yet. But, Hell yeah! yall gonna be the first to know. I hope the people support this record 🙂 And also @krisbaptiste.

Shive: Besides pushing the latest single, What are you currently working on?

Kris: Honestly, I’m just working on songs that can either be material for my album or references for other artists and @krisbaptiste

Shive: What’s up with Marvin’s Room? That ish was hott… I was upset when it cut off. When will we get the rest?

Kris: LMAO. Thank you! Sad to say, but that was just a teaser for my fans and supporters. I wanted to let them know Kris Baptiste is still working hard and getting it in @krispabtiste 

Shive: How old are you? What kind of girls you go for? and are you single?

Kris: Well I’m 22, and I kinda like to keep my personal business in house….I’d rather keep the females guessing about stuff like if i have a girlfriend…ya dig???? But I love ladies who follow @krisbaptiste.

Shive: Where can your fans and future fans go to get updates on you and your music?

Kris: Yall can always follow me on twitter @krisbaptiste and to get updated. Also subscribe to my youtube page krisbmusic4u and thumbs up my vids and comment. I love all types of feedback because it motivates me to do better and become more creative as an artist. Without yall support I’m nobody, so thank you all. Secret Lover and Leggo Leggo is on almost every music download site like itunes, cdbaby, amazon, rhapsody, etc. So, whip out them debit and credit cards and support ya boy…….#TeamKrisbaptiste all day @krisbaptiste.     


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