Our Letter to Aaliyah

Dear Aaliyah,

In 22 years, you’ve accomplished far more than many people do in a lifetime. In life and death, you inspire us. From standing in front of our televisions and mirrors memorizing Are You That Somebody’s dance steps and draping our hair over one of our eyes, to rocking your signature tomboy chic style of clothing, we didn’t want to be One in A Million; we wanted to be like you. We grew up with you, recognizing Age Ain’t Nothin But A Number as the anthem of our adolescence, and ultimately growing up to be more than women. Because of you, we wrote Four Page Letters to secret crushes, found the needed resolutions and failed, but learned to dust ourselves off and  Try Again Millions of us never met you, but bonded with you through your music. The imprint you left on us is evident, the way we dress, think, and present ourselves are reflections of your impact. You were always an angel on earth, lived your best life, and ultimately earned your wings. Now, you’re an angel in every sense of the word. We Miss You

                                                                        With Love,

                                                                        Your Fans


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  1. Ok i bought this book yesertday and finished it this morning on my kindle. I am LIVID with it, what in the hell happended with the point of the point everything in the beginning seemed unnecessary because after peaches dies there definitely should have been more. I have been supporting this book and others since i first found Bitch in borders and i was overly excited to see that #7 was finally out. I have my sister, mother, aunt and even my grandmother reading them with me. And now all 5 of us are PISSED with #7. Just end it already,damn! Why do us as readers who continue to buy the books keep getting shorted every new book in this series. I’m done i don’t even care what happens to Precious Aaliyah or if they finally kill Maya’s evil ass. I will not waste my money on another 2 minute Bitch series book!!!!!!!!!!!

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